Q. Do I need to have other applications installed to run CP CAD, like an AutoCAD?

A. CP CAD is a stand-alone network and electrical design software. None of CAD platform is required.

Q. What is the difference between CP CAD, MS Visio or AutoCAD?

A. The competitive edge of CP CAD are

  1. Library of Vendors parts
  2. Ability to calculate resources and cost estimates
  3. Ability to rapidly recalculate costs when any changes are made to the project

You can make all the edits at any moment of design and all recalculations will be done automatically. When you design networks or electrical projects you set exact equipment and it gives you all reports and schemes automatically at any moment of time. While Visio and ACAD are pure CAD systems CableProject is CAD/CAE.

Q. I couldn’t run a trial version – an error message appears. What should I do?

A. If an error message appears when you are starting CableProject CAD it means that your trial period is finished (trial period is 14 days). After trial period is finished, you would not be able to install trial-version on your computer again and you should by a license. In case you want to test it more, please contact us for instructions to prolong the trial-period. Sometimes, in situations when first run is done on Windows with special software that prolongs shareware trial periods, CableProject CAD will not run even from the first start (there have been situations with hibernate function too). It is possible to install trial version on another computer or there is an ability to prolong trial-period (for that you should contact us).

Q. Is it necessary to draw a primary architectural drawing in CableProject CAD?

A. There is a complete functionality for drawing any architectural plans in CableProject CAD. However, in most cases users prefer importing existing drawing files. In CableProject CAD you can use the primary drawing from other CAD software if you want to (DXF, WMF, BMP files supported).

Q. Is it possible to add other vendors and their components in a component library? Can we do it ourselves or is it possible for you to add them?

A. Yes, it is possible to add vendors and their components into a component library you can do it from scratch or by coping existing ones. Any changes you can do yourself, or if there is a special vendor and a big list of products adding can be made by our company.

Q. Looks like most of the prices are not corresponding reality. Is it possible to change them? Is there ability for a massive (bulk) price indexing?

A. All prices are changeable at any moment of time. In case you would like to perform a massive (bulk) price indexing, you can also do it with a help of a standard XLS file with actual article numbers and new prices.

Q. I didn’t get enough time to test CableProject CAD, a trial period has timed out. Is it possible for me to try it for a little more?

A. The trial period is 14 days, after this, you would not be able to install trial-version on your computer again. In case you want to test it more, please contact us for instructions to prolong the trial-version.

Q. Is there an ability to import other types of drawings, e.g. DWG, Visio, Microstation?

A. Right now only DXF files are supported. DWG file support will be made in nearest versions. As for Visio and/or Microstation file formats all drawing from these CADs can be imported through DXF or DWG. There are no plans for supporting them (most of project planning is based on actual user needs – if there will be a demand there will always be a respond).

Q. Can I export the resulting drawing into other CAD?

A. At this point of time export into other CAD formats is under development. There will be an export to DXF and DWG functionality very soon.

Q. Seems like a lot of reports looks not the way should for my region/company/standard etc. Is there a way to change them myself or maybe you can do it for me?

A. All report templates are editable. You can also create your own reports. In any case all standard reports can be made by our company – just give us your report form it can be made in a couple of days.